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You Owe Too Much On Your Home? Are you Upside Down? Is Your Home Worth Less Than What You Owe On It?

Pacific Real Estate Group utilizes our full turnkey operation to make the short sale process goes through more efficiently by having all aspects of the process done in house. We have our own team of Preliminary Underwriters, Listing Coordinators, Negotiators and Transaction Coordinators. In addition, we have partnered with several  credit repair company’s in California to get our clients back on their feet and prepare them for the purchase of their next home.

Most other short sale companies fail to provide the homeowner with the service they deserve. This lack of customer service hinders the longevity of those companies, leaving homeowners stranded when help is needed most.

We have been providing consistent customer service that the homeowners demand and greatly appreciate. We offer our services to California homeowners only which allows us to focus and understand the laws and regulations of our great state.

Short sale is by far a better alternative than foreclosure. And now have the help you need to navigate through this process. Here are the facts about short sales and how to get started:

If you, like thousands of homeowners, are facing foreclosure and tempted to stay in your home until the bank pulls the plug and repossesses your home it out from under you, DO NOT DO IT. A much more graceful exit is a short sale, an agreement between you and your lender to sell your home for less than you owe. With an experienced company like Pacific Real Estate Group negotiating a short sale on your behalf, the chances for you are good to get the deficiency forgiven and if qualified, receive a lump sum amount to help you gracefully move into a new home.


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Considering Short Sale? First and foremost, our short sale service relieves the stress of being in foreclosure and being harrassed by the mortgage lender. It also allows you to get rid of your big mortgage payment and move on with your life and re-energize your financial situation. A short sale allows you to stop the foreclosure and get a fresh start. This is the primary benefit to you. When foreclosure procedures are filed along with the late mortgage payments, they will have an effect on your credit. However, a successful and complete short sale prevents additional damage to your credit. However, a completed foreclosure will do much more damage and lower your credit score tremendously and prohibits you from getting any credit for a lot longer time. A successful short sale negotiation will result in your loan being paid off and the deficiency absorbed by the lender. Also, it is important to note that the short sale does not cost you any money. It actually may result in some financial assistance to help you with relocation. Remove this burden for free.


Relocation Services Pacific Real Estate Group REALTORS®, Upland Lenders we have had success with: Pacific Real Estate Group has a very experienced staff of some of negotiators. Our negotiators have all trained in the short sale process and experienced first hand successful negotiations with several lenders including Bank of America, Aurora, GMAC, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Citibank, Chase, Litton, GreenPoint, Saxon, First Franklin, New Century, IndyMac, JP Morgan, ING Direct, AHS and a slew of local credit unions. So short sale neogtiations is our specialty.

Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal because if you're satisfied, you will refer us to your friends. What we bring to the table is experience, integrity, a national network of real estate professionals, and numerous marketing methods all aimed at getting the job done right.

Weekly Mortgage Rates
Freddie Mac National Averages
 30 Yr Fixed 4.23%
 15 Yr Fixed 3.37%
 5 Yr Fixed 3.06%
 1 Yr Fixed 2.43%

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